Welcome to the Building Doctor

The Building Doctor has been established to provide professional support and information to help property owners understand common building defects within their home, from identifying Subsidence cracks to dealing with Black Mould.

It is hoped, that from this website you will be more confident to carry out an initial DIY diagnosis of a common building problem, which will help to ensure the correct action is taken.

This may be useful if for example, you are thinking of purchasing a property, and have identifed some potential problems, or if you want to better understand a building survey.

The Building Doctor advises the following basic steps be taken:

1. Identify the symptoms

2. Establish the cause

3. Carry out remedial action


This approach should be taken regardless of the concern, whether you are looking at issues such as cracks appearing above door frames, to determining the cause of mould on a window cill.

It is pivotal that you have an understanding of the various defects, their cause and effects, if you are to ensure the correct treatment is undertaken.

Some common building defects, including:


dry rot crack rising damp woodworm

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will endeavour to respond within a reasonable time.

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