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Building Defects Articles

Rising damp

The Rising damp myth
Rising damp is a generally rare occurance, however 'damp specialists' are often quick to conclude Rising damp to be the cause. This article attempts to uncover this myth.

Common causes of Rising damp
There are many common causes of Rising damp, these include, failure of the DPC, raised external ground levels, splashing from down pipes, render bridging the DPC, mortar in the cavity, and bridging of the floor screed


Identifying Woodworm and timber pests
Identifying the beetle species causing the timber decay is important, as this gives an indication as to the probable extent of the damage.

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Pitfalls with Cavity wall insulation
There are many problems with Injected Cavity fill insulation, as when the cavity’s are filled, this allows a direct path for water to penetrate and can lead to dampness showing on internal finishes..