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Identifying Subsidence cracks
Tell tale cracks are the one of the first and most obvious signs that your home may be suffering from subsidence.

Building insurance and Subsidence
Subsidence claims can be very expensive, as such many Building Insurance providers attempt to find ways to avoid payments, as this article explores.

Coal Mine Subsidence
Drains are one of the major contributors to the cause of Subsidence

Rising and Penetrating damp

The Rising damp myth
Rising damp is a generally rare occurance, however 'damp specialists' are often quick to conclude Rising damp to be the cause. This article attempts to uncover this myth.


Condensation and Black Mould
Black Mold is an unsightly and potential health hazard, and its presence can often linger, even after remedial action, despite its simplistic cause being that of condensation.


What is Woodworm?
Woodworm is a common term, which is often used incorrectly to describe a single species beetle infestation. This article clarifies what is woodworm and the differing beetle types.

Wet and Dry Rot

Wet Rot v Dry Rot
Wet and Dry Rot can sometimes be confused by Surveyors and specialists alike. This article sets out the main differences to ensure the correct remedial action is taken.

Japanese Knotweed

The impact of Japanese Knotweed
This article looks at the impact and damage that Japanese Knotweed can bring about, to further underline the importance in ensuring a complete and thorough remedial plan is carried out.


Asbestos claims
This article provides a case study example of an Asbestos claim, emphasizing the importance to ensure the correct management approach is taken.

Asbestos and Artex
One of the most common places in which Asbestos is found, is within textured coatings often applied to ceilings in the form of Artex. Its discovery, though should be met with a degree of pragmatism.

Other related articles (coming soon)

Construction defects

Decoration problems
This article looks at the ways in which poor workmanship in the application of decorative finishes and other coatings can lead to inherent problems later on.

Injected Cavity fill problems
Retrospective injected cavity fill insulation is increasingly becoming more popular with Homeowners, however, many are not aware of the pitfalls that may be encountered.

Specialist building problems

Timber cladding systems - A sustainable alternative?
Much has been made about the use of timber, particularly as a sustainable cladding material, and as such its use has increased. There is, however little information on its long term performance in comparison to other modern forms.

Health Hazards

Sick Building Syndrome
Following the continued drive in recent years, to achieve higher thermal retention and low heat loss within buildings, problems have arisen such as Sick Building Syndrome as this article explores.

Sustainability and Passivhaus

Passivhaus standard
Passivhaus refers to a relatively new standard in construction, aimed at creating buildings that are both comfortable to live in and energy efficient.